Konstantinos Rematas

I am a senior research scientist at Google Research, where I work on computer vision and graphics. I did my postdoc at University of Washington and my PhD at KU Leuven. I am interested in neural 3D reconstruction and rendering.


Urban Radiance Fields

Konstantinos Rematas, Andrew Liu, Pratul P. Srinivasan, Jonathan T. Barron, Andrea Tagliasacchi, Tom Funkhouser, Vittorio Ferrari
CVPR 2022
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Sharf: Shape-conditioned Radiance Fields from a Single View

Konstantinos Rematas, Ricardo Martin-Brualla, Vittorio Ferrari
ICML 2021
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From Points to Multi-Object 3D Reconstruction

Francis Engelmann, Konstantinos Rematas, Bastian Leibe, Vittorio Ferrari
CVPR 2021
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Reconstructing NBA players

Luyang Zhu, Konstantinos Rematas, Brian Curless, Steve Seitz, Ira Kemelmacher-Shlizerman
ECCV 2020
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Neural Voxel Renderer: Learning an Accurate and Controllable Rendering Tool

Konstantinos Rematas, Vittorio Ferrari
CVPR 2020
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PhotoShape: Photorealistic Materials for Large-Scale Shape Collections

Keunhong Park, Konstantinos Rematas, Ali Farhadi, Steve Seitz
SIGGRAPH Asia 2018
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Soccer On Your Tabletop

Konstantinos Rematas, Ira Kemelmacher-Shlizerman, Brian Curless, Steve Seitz
CVPR 2018
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What is around the camera?

S. Georgoulis, K. Rematas, T. Ritschel, M. Fritz, T. Tuytelaars and L. Van Gool
ICCV 2017
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Reflectance and Natural Illumination from Single-Material Specular Objects Using Deep Learning

S. Georgoulis, K. Rematas, T. Ritschel, E. Gavves, M. Fritz, L. Van Gool and T. Tuytelaars
TPAMI 2017
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Novel Views of Objects from a Single Image

K. Rematas, N. Chuong, T. Ritschel, M. Fritz, T. Tuytelaars
TPAMI 2017
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Deep Reflectance Maps

K. Rematas, T. Ritschel, M. Fritz, E. Gavves, T. Tuytelaars
CVPR 2016
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Dataset Fingerprints: Exploring Image Collections Through Data Mining

K. Rematas, B. Fernando, Frank Dellaert, T. Tuytelaars
CVPR 2015

Image-based Synthesis and Re-Synthesis of Viewpoints Guided by 3D Models

K. Rematas, T. Ritschel, M Fritz, T. Tuytelaars
CVPR 2014 (oral)
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Learning Like a Toddler: Watching Television Series to Learn Vocabulary from Images and Audio

E. Yilmaz, K. Rematas, T. Tuytelaars, H. Van hamme
ACM-MM 2014

Does Evolution cause a Domain Shift?

K. Rematas, B. Fernando, T. Tommasi, T. Tuytelaars
ICCV Workshop 2013

Kernel Density Topic Models: Visual Topics Without Visual Words

K. Rematas, M. Fritz, T. Tuytelaars
NeurIPS Workshop 2012

The Pooled NBNN Kernel: Beyond Image-to-Class and Image-to-Images

K. Rematas, M. Fritz, T. Tuytelaars
ACCV 2012

Level-Set Person Segmentation and Tracking with Multi-Region Appearance Models and Top-Down Shape Information

E. Horbert, K. Rematas, B. Leibe
ICCV 2011

Efficient Object Detection and Segmentation with a Cascaded Hough Forest ISM

K. Rematas, B. Leibe
ICCV Workshop 2011

Multi-Class Image Labeling with Top-Down Segmentation and Generalized Robust P^N Potentials

G. Floros, K. Rematas, B. Leibe
BMVC 2011